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Organizer Extraordinaire! 

Over the last two years Sarah has worked with me on various projects, doing initial clearing out, reorganizing, and preparing for an eventual remodel on our house. She provided supportive decision-making and momentum, humor, and patience. Together our success was exponentially faster and she helped me enjoy the process along the way. Sarah works quickly and by taking away what isn’t needed anymore, allows for a real sense of success after a day of work together. I highly recommend her for all organizational projects, large and small.

-Sandra, Mill Valley

Sarah was a tremendous help when we transitioned our home and all our stuff to an organized vacation rental. She helped us purge boxes and boxes of items that have been following us around for years, after many moves, that would get forgotten in the garage. We now only have what we truly needed to keep and it’s all easily found. My husband has been hesitant to let anyone touch his tool area, but it was so hard to find anything!. So I surprised him when he found his tool area beautifully reorganized by Sarah and he is thrilled. 


She also helped tremendously with a move out of country and finished packing our personal items to store and donating the rest. The move would not have been possible without her help! We have had her return to our vacation rental occasionally to reorganize, do quality control overall condition of home/cleanliness and tweak or repair household items and decor. We are beyond appreciative and highly recommend her to anyone!

  -Lindsey, San Rafael

    Sarah does a great job! I hired her to move everything out of a storage unit I have and set it up in my garage. She did a great job of helping me organize and oversee it, as well as giving me great tips and advice along the way. She was always on time, and she’s a very efficient and trustworthy worker. She had the perfect balance of checking in with me on things that needed my decision and then working on her own wherever she could, especially the more she understood my style and objectives. I will definitely be hiring her for more work in the future! 


      -Beverly Ulbrich, San Francisco

     Sarah set about to organize my large home (6 bedrooms) where I had lived for about 20 years and where my children grew up.  There were rooms fulls of drawers, closets, and files that hadn't been sorted in years. The kitchen had many more than one "miscellaneous" drawer. The basement was huge and full of our own history and that of our friends and neighbors who needed storage. In short, it was a huge and overwhelming job and the idea of conquering it seemed impossible.

     Every time I attempted to organize alone, I would make some small progress and feel emotionally drained.  Because of my own work, I could not devote the time that was needed to clean things out and get ready for the sale of the house. Each object contained memories for me that slowed down the process and left me emotionally drained. Sarah was able to come in and work with me to figure out what was important and what was worth giving away or selling. She also worked independently, leaving me with a box of valuables to think about selling and another box for Goodwill. Once she entered the picture, she was able to devote several days a week.  Results were visible right away. There was more breathing room in the house.

     Sarah brings passion and levity to her work. She understands that work on a house is emotionally difficult at times and she is compassionate and companionable while getting the work done in an efficient manner. Her work prepared me concretely and spiritually to do the big work of moving out of the family home. Although I did not put the house on the market for another year, I felt I had been through one of the most difficult parts, the emotional and physical sorting out of what was important to me in the house.Thanks for all your help Sarah.


     -Andrea Reed, San Francisco

     Sarah helped me clean and rid myself (my car and apartment) when I was going through a difficult and transitional time in my personal life. The simple act of her facilitating this not so small change was beyond helpful, empowering and cleansing. It gave me a new perspective on what I was going through and reminded me that all things are ephemeral and that letting go of the rubbish in your physical life leads to making room for new things in your spiritual life. I thank her for her service.


     -Doug Freedman comedian, musician, actor, activist, writer, cook. Los Angeles

     I worked with Sarah on several projects. The first was my garage. Sarah sorted through all the garage treasures and helped me eliminate items, group like things and rearrange the rest so that now when I need paper towels or large cookware or other items, I know where to go. Sarah also helped me cull through my kitchen tools and dishes. I now can open the right door or cupboard and quickly access what I need. I also found some buried treasures.

     Another project was my art studio. I love going there now. I can open a drawer and find my paints only. Other drawers contain like items and my work table is clear and open for the next project or painting.
With my house and studio in order, I encourage myself daily to keep up the organization. With Sarah’s gentle questions and sense of order, I now feel free to do what I want and not question myself about what I should or could be doing. I feel that Sarah listened, offered compromises and organization. She also takes unwanted articles away so I did not have to go through the same piles. 
     Now that I can see what I gave I am thinking I will ask Sarah to help me repurge some areas of my home. 
I highly recommend Sarah as a talented, practical and efficient. She is easy to have in your home. I know she can make a difference in your life.


     -Kathleen Shiels, Sonoma, CA

     Sarah’s positive, can-do attitude was essential in getting my house decluttered. I had felt frozen by the multitude of decisions required to deal with all the stuff I had accumulated over the years and decades: what to keep and what to do—sell, donate, recycle, or discard—with everything I didn’t want. By patiently and humorously helping me with every step along the way, Sarah moved me through the process required to live in a home that now holds what I need and enjoy having. It’s such a relief to be freed from all those unwanted items and avoided decisions. Plus she actually made it fun! And, trust me, I never thought I’d be saying that.


     -Mary James Cassatt, Larkspur, California

1. What was the project? 

After a rushed move into a new space and at the beginning of a profound life transition, I was in need of some help with purging and optimizing my personal space  and belongings - bedroom, bath, closet & storage. 


2. How I helped you? --physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, energetically?

Sarah was a great help with the understanding of required energy of the work and pragmatic solutions very much aligned with my own spiritual intention for myself and home space. 


3. How working with me may be different from going it alone or working with others?

Alone, the task was overwhelming at the time and Sarah’s experience and knowledge were paramount in easing all anxieties around the project. 


4. If your life or space has changed since I helped you clear out your spaces, how so?

Since then, I have been able to purge and organize the same space once more, as well as move into a new space confidently thanks to the tools she was able to instill. 


5. Anything else you want to add.


     -Hollywood Texas, San Bruno, CA

     My prayers have finally been answered and I'm on the path to becoming an organized person. Since I started working with Sarah to clear the clutter, it has given me great peace. It all started with my funky garage and after I saw the transformation I turned Sarah loose on my whole house. It's amazing, I love cooking now that I can see where everything is and it's easy to get dressed when you can see what's hanging in your closet. This is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Sarah is gifted: non-judgmental, focused, decisive and fun to work with. Oh, and my house never looked better. 


     -Julie, Super Satisfied in Sonoma

     Sarah helped me clean, organize, and just get a basic handle on my room.  I have a tendency to “collect” things and then have a hard time finding a system of organization for them. Sarah came in with a game plan and a very professional attitude.  She helped me look at a lot of my things objectively, was never pushy and I never felt judged.  I Honestly don’t think I could have done it without her.  


     -Leah Martin, San Francisco

     Sarah helped me confront a pile of boxes and miscellaneous accumulated materials lining one whole side of the room in my home which doubles as an office and a guest bedroom. She helped me organize my entire desk area and storage closet in the room, and she made it seem easy! The room is now open, airy and guilt-free! I know how to find things in the logical places where they are stored. I feel free of the burden that the accumulated materials represented over time. Best of all, Sarah made it easy and enjoyable. Her personality is so pleasant that it really was a treat to wrk with her. She never judged me for my disorganization or procrastination; that was a non-issue. Sarah is a delight! I look forward to my next opportunity to work with her again.


     -Susan Andrews, San Francisco

     As someone who just moved to Larkspur, Sarah was a Godsend!  She came to our home and was able to quickly suggest an organizational approach for each room.  She works efficiently and has a natural talent for reducing clutter and making a home function more efficiently. I am delighted with the results! 

     -Steven Hammond, Larkspur 

     Sarah Grierson Dale is a phenomenally lovely woman to work with while organizing home or office, garage, or attic.  She is a major motivating force to toss out, make room, declutter, and find your essence. Sarah helps you define what it is you want to get done and goes about quietly assisting that process. It’s a soup to nuts approach, from pinpointing the need to actualizing  the deed. I love working with Sarah. Her methods are gentle.  Before you know it you have more space, feel relief, and are liberated from that which you do not need. Thank you, Sarah!


     -Jane Wattenburg, San Francisco

     Sarah positively transformed how I feel and live in my home! My spaces feel open, organized, energetically ‘cleared,’ and more conducive to living comfortably, aesthetically, simply. She provided supportive decision-making and “momentum.” Together our success was exponentially faster. Example: once I’d decided to recycle, donate, or discard items, she brought them to her car and deposited them in their proper locations (Goodwill, recycling center, etc.) That provided enormous relief: I never had to think of them again, or haul them somewhere else. It hastened the process greatly. She had fresh ideas on how to dispose of things, educating me about repurposing items and reducing landfill. Her intentions are environmentally sound and forward-looking.

     Sarah is gifted with truly remarkable organizational and spatial skills. She visualizes where things will fit and how they will look afterwards, as well as how to make every space function best.  We also cleared and reorganized my storage area, so that I no longer needed to rent additional space. She is energetic and strong, smart and artistic, with a gentle positive presence.

Regarding a referral for this kind of work, Sarah would be my first choice to recommend to everyone. 


     -Susie Symons, age 75, Walnut Creek/Rossmoor


     It is so nice to have someone to call when life’s clutter starts stacking up and you need help undoing it.

Sarah comes in and takes no prisoners- she assesses the situation and makes sure there is progress from the very beginning.

     Sarah helped me feel the joy in cleaning up and organizing, and her decluttering technique has repeatedly taken me from desperate to relieved in a day. The effects from a visit from her are lasting and life-changing. Something good in my life always happens when I have a freshly organized home.


     -Caitlin Collentine, San Francisco

   There are so many wonderful aspects to working with Sarah -- not only in terms of what we accomplished together, but also how it felt to work with her. She is the right combination of head (organized, wise, fast) and heart (spiritual, grounded, generous, supportive). Over the course of two appointments we tackled my office at work and several rooms in my home. Upon arriving at my home, Sarah did a quick and thorough scan of the situation, mapping out several options for our time together. As a recent empty-nester, my goal was to reimagine my home, develop a game plan to-declutter, re-organize, and let go of old family furniture. Within an hour of her arrival we had already discarded 4 pieces of furniture. I felt lighter already. Sarah gave me permission to get rid of things that had become visual and psychic dead-weight and no longer fit my vision of my home as my sanctuary and refuge. Her mantra of "calibrate to now" was easy to implement and embrace. Working with Sarah is a real joy, she has a lovely demeanor that is equal parts supportive, calm, determined and bold. When our appointment ended, my kitchen and pantry area had also been completely reorganized and streamlined and I had a list of assignments (my favorite - donate wedding dress) and Sarah drove away with a trunkful of my "junk/stuff" to donate.

Give yourself the gift of Ebb and Flow Organizing today!

       -Robin, San Francisco

     I'd never  have thought I'd needed a professional organizer, until Sarah started working with us on our large, messy house!  I realized immediately that there were too many emotional layers for us as a couple to deal with our own clutter, and this is where Sarah swooped in and saved the day.  

     We've been spared  hundreds of hours of strain and headaches with our new system of organization that Sarah helped us come up with, specifically tuned to our own space, lives, and needs.

     Most of all, Sarah helped us to see that the objects we bring into our house have a really significant impact on our relationship as a couple and as parents, and that it's okay to ask for help from someone that is "outside" of our lives. Thanks Sarah!


     -Paul Sutfin, Portland Oregon

     Sarah mainly focused on my bedroom in a 3 bed apartment, but also focused on my belongings in storage areas.  She helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally the most. Physically: I have much more room now that the clutter is gone, and was able to acquire newer furniture and belongings to be more in sync with who I am today vs what I've accumulated over the 10 years since I graduated college. Mentally: It was such an eye sore and felt like such a daunting task to complete that I never got started till one day I looked around and felt a giant weight around my neck dragging me down which led to...

     Emotionally: I feel freedom now. It feels like a new day and that I've wiped the slate clean to move forward with the life I want vs. the life I had. Having all the clutter and belongings that didn't represent who I am today made feel ashamed, defeated, burdened, and overall very negative. It's like I've stepped outside of a cave and seen light for the first time now.  Working with Sarah was different because even though I was very passive in many regards, she encouraged me to take ownership/pride/caring into the choices I made and am going to make in the future. I have a ways to go still, but her message of empowerment and positivity is something that I will keep up with for years to come.  I've begun setting up my room the way I want it to be and I'm excited for the new possibilities. It truly feels like I've moved to a new place because I have that same sense of optimism when you're touring a new apartment and visualizing how you're going to make it your own space and home.


     -Robert Ladue, San Francisco

     Sarah worked with me to go through years worth of clothing and household items clogging our large walk in closet. She was patient and kind to me, allowing time to work on things at my speed. She has a gift for envisioning a space clear of clutter, and organizing what is left in a beautiful and functional way.

I never felt judged, and her work in our house has truly changed the way I use the space. I am relieved every time I walk into the closet and can find what I need. I highly recommend Sarah's work to anyone who mentions how out of control their possessions have become (most of us!), and I plan to work with her again in the near future to tackle other areas of our house.

     -Mary Mendez, San Francisco

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