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      I have been organizing for people for over 20 years.  My job is to help you clear out your physical spaces of the weight that has accumulated in your life over time.  When that process is done, I can help you to reorganize what is left and use the space you have more efficiently, while creating harmony and flow.  


      I am available for various types of cleaning and organizing depending on your needs. My experience includes but is not limited to: preparing a client for a move, setting up the house for a new baby, and clearing out homes after a death in the family.  I can help with these and other major life changes as a way to transition into the next phase of life. Whether these changes are due to aging and wanting to refocus attention on the what's to come, a relationship ending or beginning, a remodeling project, a new job, sobriety, a child leaving for college, preparing your space to rent it out, the options are many. I am here to help. 

      I have worked all over the world for all kinds of people and in doing this work for myself and others I have learned that there is a tremendous amount of life and energy waiting to come in to help us.  When we thoughtfully let go, new energy comes in.  My goal is to empower you through this process of stripping down to what is truly needed and wanted, and to practice looking at, and better understanding your relationship to your possessions and how that shapes your life.

      Though I am very practically minded and detail oriented, I believe in the alchemy of this work. I have an intuitive process that allows me to see the micro and macro simultaneously, and help my client purge and reorder their space physically and symbolically at the same time.  I do my best to use discernment, to be patient, and to  communicate clearly and with kindness. I truly enjoy this work and share my enthusiasm with my client, trusting that they can find the fun and freedom in letting go and starting anew.


      Thank you,

    Sarah Grierson-Dale