Eco-friendly cleaning and organizing services, addressing various life changes, with the goal to empower you by simplifying, guiding you to essentials, and understanding your relationship to possessions.

My name is Sarah Grierson-Dale. I have been organizing for people my whole life, but professionally for about 10 years. I started Ebb and Flow Organizing officially in January of 2018. My clients' well-being is my first priority, but given the climate we live in, I don’t subscribe to the “throw it all away” approach. I am educated and involved in environmental studies and continue to dedicate myself to the ways in which we can simplify our lives without passing the burden on to others.  I run an environmentally friendly business where and when I can.

I have worked all over the world for all kinds of people and in doing this work for myself and others I have learned that there is a tremendous amount of life and energy waiting to come in to help us.  When we thoughtfully let go, new energy comes in.  My goal is to empower you through this process of stripping down to what is truly needed and wanted, and to practice looking at, and better understanding your relationship to your possessions and how that shapes your life.
Example Services
Set up your kitchen for maximum efficiency
Categorize and label your pantry items
Clean out attics, basements, and garages
Coordinate a move
Prepare a nursery for a new baby
Set up a home office
Donate, consign, and remove unwanted items
Sarah Grierson-Dale
Sarah graduated from The New School University, earning a B.A. in The Arts with a minor in education. Over the last five years she has dedicated herself to an evolving and disciplined spiritual practice that deeply informs her art.  Studying weekly with her teacher, she continues to learn how each religious and spiritual tradition relates to the subjects of God, The Ego, and the nature of reality. Relating to her life as a classroom to practice these mystical truths, Sarah uses her art as a way to translate what she learns.  Her translations, though sometimes literal, always include using her intuition as a navigational system for expression.