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Things come and go

Choosing what stays makes all the difference


Find peace and happiness in your space

Over time, the things we own build up and overwhelm us. I'll help you choose what stays and goes, so there’s more room for the real you.


What people are saying

Sarah worked with me to go through years worth of clothing and household items clogging our large walk in closet. She was patient and kind to me, allowing time to work on things at my speed. She has a gift for envisioning a space clear of clutter, and organizing what is left in a beautiful and functional way.

- Mary M

Sarah helped me feel the joy in cleaning up and organizing, and her decluttering technique has repeatedly taken me from desperate to relieved in a day. The effects from a visit from her are lasting and life-changing. Something good in my life always happens when I have a freshly organized home.

- Caitlin C

We've been spared  hundreds of hours of strain and headaches with our new system of organization that Sarah helped us come up with, specifically tuned to our own space, lives, and needs. Most of all, Sarah helped us to see that the objects we bring into our house have a really significant impact, and that it's okay to ask for help from someone that is "outside" of our lives.

- Paul S



Hi, I'm Sarah.

I've been organizing for people my whole life, but professionally for about 10 years. Working all over the world for all kinds of people, I've learned a lot about how we relate to possessions — and how much life and energy is just waiting to come in, if we make space for it.

You can read more about my perspective on the simple virtue of getting organized, or see my meditations (blog) for deeper reflections on life, space and stuff.

Living Room




Many of our possessions only serve to weigh us down. I'll help you sort your things and push you to be decisive. 


A clean and tidy home is a decadent feeling. I teach the tools and mindset you need to feel that every day.


All your stuff deserves a home. I work with you to develop a system personally tailored to your priorities.

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