Eco-friendly cleaning and organizing services with
Sarah Grierson-Dale
Calibrate to Now
Eco-friendly cleaning and organizing services with Sarah Grierson-Dale
Calibrate to now
When we thoughtfully let go, new energy comes in.
My goal is to empower you through this process of stripping down to what is truly needed and wanted, and to practice looking at, and better understanding your relationship to your possessions and how that shapes your life.
My name is Sarah Grierson-Dale. I started “Ebb and Flow Organizing” officially in January of 2018. My clients' well-being is my first priority, but given the climate we live in, I don’t subscribe to the “throw it all away” approach. I am educated and involved in environmental studies and continue to dedicate myself to the ways in which we can simplify our lives without passing the burden on to others.
Though I am very practically minded and detail oriented, I believe in the alchemy of this work. I have an intuitive process that allows me to see the micro and macro simultaneously, and help my client purge and reorder their space physically and symbolically at the same time. I do my best to use discernment, to be patient, and to communicate clearly and with kindness. I truly enjoy this work and share my enthusiasm with my client, trusting that they can find the fun and freedom in letting go and starting anew. I have worked all over the world for all kinds of people and in doing this work for myself and others I have learned that there is a tremendous amount of life and energy waiting to come in to help us.
  • Office organization
  • Full Home Clean out and reorganization
  • Storage unit clean out
  • Seasonal purging and reset
  • Packing and moving
  • Home rental maintenance/management
  • Estate Management: Consulting and mapping out larger projects
  • Consulting for Art Collections: Resources for where and how to sell art
  • End of life care: Moving to assisted living or Aging in Place
  • Preparing for a birth, move to college, divorce, or general life transition
  • Remote consultations and project planning available via Zoom
Sarah has worked for us for about three years helping to bail out our house that we have occupied for fifty years. The house was filled to a depth of about four feet in all rooms with a variety of debris collected over our lifetime. The sheer scale of the job was overwhelming, but with Sarah's assistance and guidance we were able to find a home for everything whether in the dump, a university collection or an auction house. She was very easy to work with and accommodating to our needs as we have graduated into our eighties while choosing to age in place. Our house is now an organized and fully functioning space rather than a burden to be passed on to our children. We highly recommend hiring her!
Roger and Nickie Mackenzie
San Francisco, CA
I HIGHLY recommend Sarah and Ebb and Flow Organizing as an incredible resource. She is a professional organizer but so much more than that. Sarah is:
– Personally–unbelievably gentle, calm, kind and skilled. She can work with any personality type and understands how to relate to and connect with people. This is a critical part of any long-term project.
– An incredible organizer / cleaner / editor / helper. It is truly mind-boggling to see the before and after photos of what Sarah has accomplished.
– Careful to minimize waste. She went to great lengths to donate usable items to organizations in need. She also tied up loose ends that were discovered in the clean-up from decades ago.
– An incredibly hard worker. She would work tirelessly for hours on end to make a lot of progress in a short period of time.
– 100% trustworthy and reliable. She always shows up when she says she will and she always does what she says she will.
– A true gift. You will not regret working with her. Specifically, Sarah has been working with my older parents for the last two years plus and has been an absolute lifesaver. She went into a very challenging situation, a house that was originally purchased in 1967 and had become dangerously filled to bursting with stuff. It was a fire and health hazard. I cannot say enough good things about what Sarah has accomplished. She has become a trusted advisor and friend and I am so grateful to have her in our lives.
Emily Brakebill
San Francisco, CA
Sarah was a tremendous help when we transitioned our home and all our stuff to an organized vacation rental. She helped us purge boxes and boxes of items that have been following us around for years, after many moves, that would get forgotten in the garage. We now only have what we truly needed to keep and it’s all easily found. My husband has been hesitant to let anyone touch his tool area, but it was so hard to find anything!. So I surprised him when he found his tool area beautifully reorganized by Sarah and he was thrilled.  She also helped tremendously with a move out of the country and finished packing our personal items to store and donating the rest. The move would not have been possible without her help! We have had her return to our vacation rental occasionally to reorganize, do quality control overall condition of home/cleanliness and tweak or repair household items and decor. We are beyond appreciative and highly recommend her to anyone!
San Rafael, CA
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